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Boxspring bed manufacturer Padvaiskas & Ko was founded in 1992. Company is constantly investing into production technologies that allows to work more efficiently and to assure high quality standards.

Factory is based in Lithuania so all our products are made within European Union, which makes it easier and cheaper to, transports production within EU countries. Now company has a production area of 21 500 m2, and has capacities to make 450 – 500 extra sets per week. Despite that at the moment we work 3 sifts (24 hours) 5 days per week, so we still have a possibility to add two extra working days and so increase the capacities even more. At the moment we do approx.. 1600 – 1800 sets per week (5 days).

The company seeks to offer the best quality to the customers based on that we are investigating a lot in new machines which let us to ensure it. We do the springs both Bonell and Pocket on our own: in a standard way the pocket has approx.. 222 springs in sq. meter, while we have 268 springs in 1 sq. meter. It makes the products last longer and the customers can feel the difference.

Despite that we also laminate the fabrics – so there is no wrinkles on the boxes or other parts. Our latest machines gives us the possibilities to make the headboards in different design without high costs, so we can offer our customers to create their own models for reasonable price.