Supplierhunt.com – online EU suppliers and manufacturers platform in which businesses could easily find their needed products or materials supply. More about us

Supplierhunt.com is a search engine based platform. That means that the main field in the whole platform is search bar. If a business which is looking for supply of products / material, writes that product or material name in the search bar it immediately shows results of ads which are uploaded on the platform. In that case, it’s very important for suppliers and manufacturers to write specific product/ material names or keywords in “Title” and “Short description” fields.

  1. Register your account by pressing ” + Submit Ad” button or “Sign in” icon and press “Create an account”
  2. If you’re register member – press  “+ Submit Ad” button or “Sign in” icon and fill your Username and password
  3. When you log in, we recommend filling up “Business details”, you can do that by pressing “Business details” in left side menu.

When you’re log in:

  1. Press on the left menu press “Packages” 
  2. Choose your plan in which you want to upload ads (if you have free plan and Supplier plan) and press “Submit Listing”. If you have only supplier plan, than choose only this package
  • “Free” plan – you can add 1 ad which would expire in 6 days. In that way you could test our platform functionality and see how it works.
  • “Buyer” plan – you could add an ad only in the “Buyer” category. In that way you couldn’t sell anything, you just could add ads for supplier search.
  • “Supplier” plan – full annual plan for suppliers and manufacturers. We didn’t limitate ads, also could add in ads 3 photos, video, description, documents etc.
  1. After you choose your plan, you would be redirected to the “Packages” function, where you could add an ad. In this function you should fill up all information, upload photos or video and press “save”.
  2. Filling the “Title” field, try to write specific keywords for your products, because our search engine is looking for keywords in “Title” and “Shot description” fields.
  3. Also, when you fill the information about the product, you could choose an ad boost method if you want.

Potentially your product / material buyers could fill the contact form, which is in your product page and you would get a direct message in your email or call you by number you showed.

Supplierhunt – does not mediate in buyer-seller deals, we just give a tool for all the parts, in which they could easily find each other and to start profitable collaboration.

Main benefit is to improve your sales. In Supplierhunt platform there are only EU suppliers and manufacturers which is verified by administrators. Also, we spend a lot of budget to advertise in various social media platforms, google and more to advertise this platform and attract potential buyers who’re looking for supply. In this case, suppliers/ manufacturers with very small investment (our annual plan) could get many buyers, which is looking for suppliers in bulk from the whole EU and other world countries.